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Let's Create Something Amazing Together.
Feel free to reach out to us


Susan's Sew Fine is available by appointment only.

*Please see the shop notes below.

The fastest way to reach Susan is via text message.

Please include the following in your initial message:

Your name

Your alteration/tailoring need/project

Your deadline (if applicable)

Any specifications you feel are relevant to the project

Cell: 406.544.7378


Location: West Los Angeles, CA


The Marquands are completely Covid-19 vaccinated and boosted,

and employ a mask-optional household policy for their visitors. 

Two cats (both very scared and rarely seen) live at this residence, so if applicable, please prepare yourself for these conditions, as medicine will not be available on site. 

Please do not contact Susan for any reason other than a tailoring/alteration/sewing need. Thank you for complying.

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